Well, If you have a Netflix account, watch Adult Swim, or follow anime to even the slightest degree, you most likely have heard of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Back in 2000, however, the series did not hold the same weight as it does now. If you were a subscriber to magazines like PSM or Game Pro in 2000, you would have encountered an odd advertisement for a game called JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure for both the PlayStation 1 and the Dreamcast. Even Capcom’s marketing campaign for the game seemed to be in on the “Who’s Jojo?” train. Despite some fantastic manga-style artwork shown off for the game, the advertisement gave little indication of what the story and concept behind JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was. As such, many people dismissed the game entirely.

Those who followed fighting game series closely knew that JoJo was first released in arcades by Capcom in 1998 and followed up with an upgraded version in 1999. Devout anime fans knew even more about the background story of JoJo as it was first a very successful manga series that started in 1987…

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