Those who stepped in front of a Famicom Disk, Writer Kiosk in April of 1992 may have scratched  their heads when they saw the latest and last title  available via the disk writer service with Clu Clu Land:  Welcome to New Clu Clu Land. New Clu Clu Land is an  updated version of the original 1984 Famicom game,  though it features enhancements from the arcade  version. The gameplay concept of Clu Clu Land is easy  to understand. Players guide Gloopy, the spherical  fish around various mazes, to find and collect gold  ingots and avoid enemies, much like other maze

based games like Pac-Man. Clu Clu Land attempts to  tweak the typical Pac-Man gameplay by adding poles  that Gloopy can grab onto, allowing her to change  direction into another lane of the maze based on  when players release the pole. Finding and collecting  all the ingots will end the level and move players to  the next board.

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