Evercade is getting ready to release their next cartridge of epic porportions for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Like previous cartridges that were created from other companies, this one will will be no exception to the rule for adding arcade classics to your console collection.

The ‘Technōs Collection 1’ cartridge brings 8 classic retro games to the Evercade, including fan favourites ‘Double Dragon’, ‘Double Dragon 2: The Revenge™’, ‘Super Double Dragon™’, ‘River City Ransom’, ‘Super Dodge Ball™’, ‘Renegade™, Super Spike V’ball™’ and ‘Crash ‘N’ The Boys: Street Challenge’!!

The cartridge will be supplied in a stunning collectable retro style physical case.


Pre-orders will be available Friday 11th October For more information, visit https://evercade.co.uk

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