Double Dragon’s plotline and kidnapped Jessica  Haggar, the daughter of the new Metro City Mayor.  Too bad the Mad Gears never called the Black Shadow  Warriors, because had they done so, they would have  found out that kidnapping someone’s daughter or girl friend usually ends in a Final Fight that doesn’t benefit  the bad guys.

Final Fight takes the side-scrolling beat-em-up action of  Double Dragon and kicks it up a notch with the Capcom  quality stamp of approval that gamers throughout the  90s would instantly recognize. Players will take control  of Mayor Mike Haggar, Cody, and Guy through the  slums of Metro City all the way to the Uptown, taking  names and smashing faces to the very end.

The game  takes place in the same universe and storyline continuity of the Street Fighter series and was once called  Street Fighter 89 until the developers decided that the  true sequel of the Street Fighter would keep within the  bounds of a one-on-one fighter. The name change to  Final Fight did not hurt its debut in arcades and was a  smash hit worldwide.

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