Arcade games are still a staple part of the gaming world. For every gamer enjoying surround sound and immense visuals in their gaming den, there is someone else at a hipster arcade gaming bar sipping a beer that was brewed by Monks who are always doing handstands. That last part may be an exaggeration, but the truth is that arcade games are always in. You may have enjoyed the classics such as PacMan growing up – a game that Google even let you play on their maps function – but have you ever played these unusual arcade games? Check them out below.

1. Skill Ball Zingy
You have probably heard of bingo before. You may even have an account with bingo providers such as mFortune Bingo, but have you ever played Skill Ball Zingy by Supernova? Probably not. Players must accept or reject numbers in this adaption of bingo and can win cash in over ten different ways. There are multiple features on this flashy and exciting game, including bonus features and the chance to snatch £50.

2. The Tablecloth Hour
Most, if not all readers, will have seen the trick where the magician whips a tablecloth from under a full dinner set. On the good days it goes well and the magician gets a round of applause but on some cartoons and TV shows, a failed attempt results in broken plates and a bigger dinner for the pet dog. If you always wanted to try this trick but never had the opportunity, you now can with The Tablecloth Hour. This arcade game simply has a tablecloth and a virtual dinner set on top. Now you can perfect your technique without getting in trouble. Just don’t try to remove the tablecloth with your buttocks like one man astonishingly managed to do.

3. The Turnip Strength Tester
This one is still located inside a gaming museum. It is based on a Russian tale of a farmer growing a turnip so large that he had to call on others for help including family and even mice. You have to try and pull this turnip out of the arcade machine to determine your strength. Based on how hard you –and your buddies –can pull the turnip, results in being branded with a character. Pull hard to be the farmer but if you are given the cat or mouse, maybe it is time to hit the gym.

4. Toilet Arcade Games
There are a few of these around and one of the first was spotted in a London hideout. Unfortunately, this is a men’s only game due to their God-given joystick. Players must test their urinating skills by aiming and displaying power when at the toilet. You receive a score and see how you size up to other men –figuratively speaking.

5. Milking Cows
We’re not sure why some of the most awkward and unusual arcade games come from the world of farming, but this one does. Players simply have to stand next to a lifelike cow and start milking it. The better your technique the higher your score. There are a few of them around but head Phoenix Arizona is known to have a few of these games.

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