In what’s being billed as the biggest corporate union of all time, the pending merger of America Online and Time-Warner proves that to be the leader in the Internet world, you must not only have the largest paying subscription base in the world, but you must also offer the best and most information.

While most onlookers may view this merger as just a marriage between the so called “New Media” and “Old-Media,” it also signifies a return to the “Golden Age” of Information Services. Virtually, we’ll be going back to a time when a leading online service provided more than just online chat, e-mail and an Internet portal; a time when they also provided a significant source for information without ever having to journey outside a service’s servers. Today’s Internet Providers are clearly lacking in this one area: information.

How many times have you logged on to your favorite Internet Provider to look up information on a particular subject only to find that the site doesn’t offer anything on this subject? You would then have to “go to” another site where you may only be able to find a little bit of the information you were seeking. Even after that, you would have to hit another site looking for more info. Maybe that next link, page, or site won’t load, or worse, doesn’t exist anymore. We’ve all been through this frustrating process, but the merger could significantly improve this situation.

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