Paul Cuisset presents a new FLASHBACK adaptation for mobile users. Following the 25th anniversary of the license and its Nintendo Switch port in 2018. Already available on more than 10 platforms the anthology action-adventure game FLASHBACK is making its way to mobile, with innovative touch screen controls redesigned and adapted for optimal mobile use. FLASHBACK will be available on the Apple Store and Google play.

FLASHBACK is a 2D platform action-adventure single player game, with realistic animations. Struck with amnesia, Conrad B. Hart a young scientist, future member of the Bureau of Galactic Investigation, wakes up in the heart of a hostile jungle. He finds a holocube which fell from his pocket. It contains a recorded message from himself, telling him to meet his friend Ian in New Washington. Conrad then goes off on an adventure that finds him in the heart of an interplanetary plot where aliens, called Morphs, have infiltrated the population. The search for his identity turns into a quest for survival and safeguarding the planet.

The character of Conrad B. Hart can jump up and down, crouch, roll, use items from his inventory, or pull out his pistol to take a more cautious approach. The situations encountered in the game can be approached in various ways, depending on whether the player chooses direct confrontation or diversion and the element of surprise.

After its release in 1992, FLASHBACK is referenced in the Guinness Book (1996) as the most sold French video game in the world at the time. Praised many times, it remains a reference for an entire generation and is often referred to as a source of inspiration for contemporary story-telling games.


The Journey

At the age of 19, while starting his university studies, Paul Cuisset found his passion for game development an industry still blooming at the time. A developer for more than 30 years , and a director for 13 years at Delphine Software Studios, Paul Cuisset is currently working as an independent developer. Graphic designer, programmer, game designer, Paul was involved in everything notably The Travelers of Time, Cruise for a Corpse, Operation Stealth and the Moto Racer series. Today, he is turning to mobile development, a platform with infinite game design possibilities. Aware that the new age players are looking for more demanding games, he intends to offer them this challenging title which is much sought after by adapting mobile controls, especially with a brand new “touch-screen” system.

«FLASHBACK on mobile, it’s a bit like the merging of old-school science fiction and our dreams as young developers. When I started game development, we had 4 pixels to make a character speak, today everything is possible. We are offered more dynamic worlds, and players are more into the action aspect and less into adventure one. The challenge for FLASHBACK was to manage and mix narration and action to suit the current audience. I think we achieved it with this mobile adaptation, which has the charm and unique style of the original version, with controls and gameplay mechanics especially designed to please the old school original players of FLASHBACK, but also to appeal to new players who wish to immerse themselves in history for the first time. »- Paul Cuisset

FLASHBACK is especially compatible with mobile controls, showing success (on the Game Center and Google Play), with hidden cinematics to unlock, an integrated audio player, and also the ability for hero shirt color customization (pink or white).




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