Yet another Commodore Amiga news story has appeared in our inbox, as we’ve recently found out through Facebook, that the previously announced game of Flying Shark; which is an upcoming Amiga remake of the 1987 Arcade game of the same name. Has recently been teased with a new look at 5 of the levels found in the game. A game which is being remade by Magnus T together with JMD. Although the creator does state “Not 100% finished some adjustments need to be done and there is no download for this 5 level demo yet.”.

As we said before in all of our previous write ups, originally many people felt the Amiga version that was released in 1988 by firebird was not only a bad conversion of a great Arcade game, but many people also felt that it had repetitive gameplay, the port was lazy, and the Amiga could have handled the arcade gfx with no problems. So here we are with this new remake of the game, and while we are unsure of how far development will progress until its official release, already we can see the game looks better than ever in this new demo footage.

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