The adventures of the Old School Gamer crew continue….this time the weekend after Galaxies of Games in Iowa. We travelled down to Orlando Florida, again with our friends Billy Mitchell and Walter Day for Free Play Florida which I’m told is the largest such event in Florida. Setting things up on Friday and then only being able to stay for Saturday… it was an action packed 36 hours for us!

A This event is totally bursting at the seams as it takes over the Ramada at Sea World using their main ballroom, and a bunch of siderooms for all its activities. While Friday was very full with just the main gaming room being packed with arcade games, consol game battles and some vendors that also spilled out filling the atrium outside that main room. We were able to meet up with a lot of new people who had heard about the magazine and many who hadn’t. Our friends we had already made within the circles also brought out more of their friends to get involved in the magazine. Look for more announcements coming soon in that area as have time to catch up from the last month of excite- ment for OSG.

Additionally, we were able to meet with Scott Adams known for his famous adventure series of games from the early days of gaming, Ritchie Knuckles known for his arcade collection, the movie King of Arcades, and Jersey Jack (Guarnieri) who is doing some amazing innovative things with pinball in the last last couple years. Presentations and events also included Space Ghost Coast to Coast dressed in the part interviewing the actual voice actor George Lowe who did the character and all the wonderful humor back when the show was on cable television.

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