Great news for this rather grim Monday morning, as we’ve just been told by Saberman, that as of today you can download the Atari 2600 to Atari 8bit conversion of Frostbite developed by glurk; A game that was not only originally released by Steve Cartwright for the Atari 2600, and published by Activision way back in 1983, but also appeared as a great conversion by Antonio Savona and team for the C64 in 2019.

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Although I never had the chance to play this fine looking game even though I did have an Atari 2600. According to the wikipedia for Frostbite. The game combines elements of Frogger and Q*bert in an arctic setting. The object of Frostbite is to help Frostbite Bailey build igloos by jumping on floating blocks of ice, while trying to avoid deadly clams, snow geese, Alaskan king crabs, polar bears, and the rapidly dropping temperature.

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