With multiple Galaga records falling recently and many new players and competitions being introduced, there has also been a drive to something no one thought imaginable as recently as 3 years ago – 10,000,000 (that’s TEN MILLION) points on Tournament Settings. Armando Gonzalez and Jordan Dorrington have been lighting up the scoreboard and are very close to this mark using 5 ships only, on Rank D – the most difficult setting. There are also a few others who could hit this mark but these two are the most actively, that we know of, working on it. They are focused and they are going at it full-throttle! It began in March of 2018, at Score Wars in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Score Wars was an event put on by the art collective, Meow Wolf, as a world championship for Galaga. Some of the best known (and unknown) players in the world were flown out to compete in a tournament. Some very high scores were achieved. Ever since, World Records have been trampled. A 29-year-old Marathon record was taken down. The Tournament record has been more than doubled! Now, we are on the brink of scores that had been thought impossible. Indeed, some in the Galaga community were sure people wouldn’t even try for scores this high.


Armando Twitch ID : Apokz24                                                                   Jordan Twitch ID: Jdgalaga

They thought the competition had ended. I dare say it may have just begun! Armando and Jordan have been streaming and playing quite a bit lately in an effort to cross this mythical plateau. Jordan is the current Marathon (and former Tournament) World Record Holder. Armando is the current Tournament (and former Marathon) World Record Holder. They have gone back and forth with some monster scores! Will this excitement bring others out? Will Mike Thompson throw his hat into the ring? Will we be hearing from Andrew Barrow? Could someone else break into this elite group and put up a score, the likes of which, we’ve never seen? Taylor Morgan, Jason Strawn and Phillip Perea are definitely worthy of a mention, as are a few others. For now, it seems pretty safe to assume there will be a 10,000,000-point score very soon. We could even see 12,000,000, from the looks of it. Armando Gonzalez and Jordan Dorrington are setting the Galaga world afire and this is something you don’t want to miss!

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