For this inaugural issue of Old School Gamer, I went to the what must be the largest single collection of arcade machines in the world… Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield (Chicago area), Illinois. Bursting at the seams with over 600 games operating at one time this amazing location is run by Doc Mack and his crew for the last 7+ years. I was able to sit down with Doc personally before spending a couple hours in the arcade with Old School Gamer’s Aaron Burger.

Galloping Ghost’s Doc Mack has one of the absolutely largest hearts for the arcade industry I have ever seen. He has personally consulted with and helped to open over 20 other similar arcades, many of them within the realm of being competitors in the Chicagoland area. I’ve seen him educating, informing and doing every- thing he can at the Midwest Gaming Classic for the last couple of years to help others. His involvement in the arcade

industry goes well beyond what most people see at Galloping Ghost. GGA’s involvement in its production house making new games and bringing previous retro projects back to life, its ownership of the Aurcade scoring system and finder, Kombat Kon where you can attend and meet the actors, programmers and more of the 90s popular arcade series and more – Read the rest of this article by clicking here!

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