Just as creator Ian Fleming’s books helped popularize espionage novels and romanticize the daring life of a spy, MGM’s Bond films have created a visual impression that has managed to transcend the printed page and become part of pop culture. Though many actors have slipped into his tuxedo, sipped his shaken, not stirred, martinis, and squeezed the trigger of his Walther PPK, the singular identity of a suave, elegant, and impossibly fortunate secret agent has remained intact nearly 40 years after the first book hit the printing press.

Could there be a more perfect literary and film character to bring into the digital domain? James Bond should rank near the top of any credible list of action characters that would make successful video game heroes, as Bond carries with him an aura of unflappable coolness that makes him so uniquely appealing. So the question was never “should a James Bond game be made?” but rather “what can we have him do?” Capturing Bond’s essence has been the challenge facing developers since the first 007 cartridge appeared on the Atari VCS.

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