With the advent of Fall upon us, the appearance of ghosts, witches and vampires at our front doors is not too far in the distance. Yes, Halloween will soon be upon us once again. What better way to spend a Halloween’s eve than curled up with your classic gaming system in a darkened room, playing a scary game while ignoring the cries of begging children? Pathetically enough, I can’t think of any! So, Classic Gamer Magazine presents a list of some of the more popular scary games to get your adrenaline going on a cold, dark and rainy night. (We’ll understand if you sleep with the light on and barricade the door with your cartridge collection after playing these.)

Haunted House for Atari VCS/2600.

This is still considered to be one of the best “atmosphere” games for the VCS. You play the part of explorer (shown as a pair of eyes) of an old haunted house (although, I seriously doubt there are any “new”
haunted houses) and your task is to find the three pieces of an urn and bring them back to the front
room without losing your nine lives. This is not really an easy task since most of the time spent in the house takes place shrouded in darkness. Your score is not based on points but on how few matches you use to light your way! Impeding your search are hairy tarantulas, a vampire bat and a ghost, all of whom seem pretty hell-bent on “scaring you to death.” This results in a loss of one of your lives. What this game lacks in graphics it more than makes up for in sound. Wind, slamming doors, lightening and footsteps all add to a genuinely scary ambience. Play this one with the lights out and the volume high for maximum effect. We dare ya! – Read the rest of the article here from Classic Gamer Magazine (courtesy of Old School Gamer)!

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