The field of video gaming is widespread and popular at the current time. A lot of people prefer this leisure activity as a method to spend their free time. As a result, different games inspire for creating of films and books that are based on them. The connection between novels and video games is intriguing, as books can greatly enrich the lore of a series of video gaming titles. They can offer fans more excitement and a more immersive exploration of the game world. This relationship has been captivating since its inception. Games are often seen as an ideal platform for adapting novels, as they can fully unravel a long story without the constraints of budget limitations that come with movies and shows. So, what are the most prominent video game representatives that lead to the appearance of amazing books? Find the answer below.


The Uncharted series has captivated fans with its thrilling treasure-hunting stories. The book follows the beloved characters of Drake and Sully as they embark on an adventure in Greece and Egypt, searching for ancient secrets. While the book may have some slow moments, fans of the game will surely enjoy the additional escapades of this iconic duo. You can also relish iconic titles when you opt for the Fair Go casino mobile app.

Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda, which has been around since 1986, is undeniably one of the most prominent series of games ever created. Throughout the years, it has produced numerous legendary games that have expanded the lore and timeline of the series.

Among the many famous graphical novels, Hyrule Historia holds a special place for several notable reasons. This collection offers a comprehensive history, featuring recollections from various activities in the series, accompanied by beautiful artwork and a plethora of captivating short storylines. For any fans of this game, it is an essential addition to their collection as well as games at FairGo.

World of Warcraft

This video game has attracted lots of attention from players of different ages. It has captured the imaginations and brains of its fans for numerous years. First of all, it is connected with its perfect mechanisms, unbelievably generous lore, and a huge range of opportunities. Over the decades, the settings and techs of the described world were improved and expanded, creating new and new characters, storylines, and full continents. As a result, a good great deal of books that tell us about fantastic events have appeared under the brand of this game. Case in point, the famous Rise of the Hoard continues being the representative of the most widespread of all.

Dragon Age: Origins

When Origins was released, it left fantasy fans in awe, receiving high praise from both gamers and critics for its captivating narrative, immersive gameplay, and exceptional writing. Although the franchise has faced some challenges since then, the upcoming Dragon Age 4 is eagerly anticipated by many fans, who are hoping for its success.

The Stolen Throne, the first installment of a trilogy is a delightful read that will surely satisfy both lovers of the series and enthusiasts of this fantasy.

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