GameShell, a modular, portable, and programmable handheld console comes preloaded with games and is the perfect DIY mini-computing platform.

No matter how advanced smartphones and gaming apps become, there is no substitute for a quality portable gaming console with a classic keypad and button layout. They take gaming to a level that isn’t possible with a touchscreen. But consoles come and go as technology changes and buying a new one every few years isn’t ideal.

The hardware and development team at GameShell took their passion for retro gaming, their years of experience with hardware design and added some clever modern ingenuity to create the GameShell portable console and modular minicomputer. Their powerful device is launching on Kickstarter and it takes the portable console concept into the future…

“We loved consoles such as the Super NES and their groundbreaking games. But to recreate that experience for a new generation had its difficulties, especially when building a DIY platform using Arduino or Raspberry Pi. We wanted to create an intuitive and easy to use gaming platform that was easy to build, modify and program and of course, super fun to play.” Hal Lui, Founder

The GameShell is designed with a familiar look and feel to the NES classics that inspired it, but adds an advanced modular design embedded with the open-sourced GNU/Linux operating system that supports the most useful programming languages including Preset C, Python, LUA and LISP. This unique combination allows the device to be fully customizable as well as act as an emulator for thousands of retro games from Atari, GB, GBA, NES, SNES and other classic gaming consoles. It is available in a range of case colors that can be mixed and matched and even 3D printed for a more personal design.

GameShell comes pre-loaded with two classic games: Cave Story and DOOM 1. Users can begin playing immediately and experience the addictive fun of these groundbreaking games. GameShell has plans to add more free games for their users in the future, and by installing an emulator, thousands of classic and retro games can be enjoyed on GameShell anytime, anywhere.
But the GameShell is for more than just gaming. Its unique 5 module design makes it the perfect platform for learning to code, modify and build electronics. The system includes a 2.7in RGB screen, programmable gaming keypad, stereo speakers, 1050mAh battery and a powerful ARM-based dev mainboard with Wi-Fi, PMU chips and video output.

This unique modular component system known as Clockwork Pi, is an easily modifiable hardware platform for programming and DIY creativity. With the power of clockwork Pi, it can be customized as a wireless speaker, a remote control, or to make smart toys that interact with other devices or Lego blocks. With GameShell, creativity and fun has no limits.

GameShell has launched on Kickstarter on with deals as low $89 along with bonuses and special offers. For more information about the GameShell :

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