Netflix Reality TV Star, Avori, Made a Board Game Based off her Experience on Reality 

1. The game is created based off of my experience on deceptive reality tv and is made to simulate that experience
2. The game will be released at Game Con alongside major brands (intel, Gary Gygax, warhammar)
3. 10% of profits go to ‘gift of gaming’ nonprofit initiative to get gaming systems in children’s hospitals

Avori was a fan favorite on Netflix’s reboot of the hit reality tv show ‘The Mole’. Fans fell in love with her strategic gameplay as Avori shared her insights into how she made it so far and almost won the game. Avori said she, “had such a good time that she wanted to give everyone a chance to play.”- but that hasn’t been possible until now!

This week, Avori announced to her social media following of almost 2M that she has created a board game of deception called ‘Backstabber’. Avori told fans on her social media that she made the game based off of her experience on ‘The Mole’ and her love for deceptive games such as ‘Clue’ and ‘Among Us’. Avori says that the game is, “made to simulate a deceptive reality tv experience right in your living room.” She added that, “the game causes chaos amongst any group playing and can ruin friendships,” although that’s not her goal. 

Avori first came up with the idea in 2022 and created the first prototype of the game in summer of 2023. Since then she has organized playtest groups to gather community feedback and improve the game. Avori says, “I’ve never done anything like this but from the reactions of the playtests, I know it’s going to be a big hit.” She also took the time to thank the players and owner of ‘Funkatronic Rex’ in Phoenix, AZ for helping her bring the game to life.

The game will have an official release on the Mega Stage at Game Con Canada June 14-16 and Avori says that there will be a “massive surprise” on stage. In addition to her big surprise, the game’s first edition will be a special Game Con Canada Edition featuring unique branding and a token inside that can only be found in the games’ first 1000 units. Additionally, Avori is donating 10% of all game profits to her initiative ‘Gift of gaming,’ a nonprofit that supplies Children’s Hospitals with gaming systems for their patients.

Avori’s game will be featured alongside Intel’s new Core Ultra Processer powered by AI, The last works of Gary Gygax, and Focus Entertainments Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 on Game Con Canada’s industry leading 130 ft long, 24ft tall 9k LED wall mega stage surrounded by 300,000 sq ft of floor space dedicated to video games, cosplay, esports, Hollywood Celebrities and much more!

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