Having owned every Final Fantasy up to this point, I didn’t want to miss this one. Sneaking food at work during the day, and ramen packets at night would allow a broke 19-year-old to buy this masterpiece. It was all worth it. Final Fantasy X took graphics, storytelling, and gameplay to a whole new level. The use of motion capture for animation gave a real feel to the experience for the first time. I spent the better part of 16 months immersing myself fully to complete the game 100%. There has been a remastered released for every system, but you can buy the PS2 version online for $10, and this is why it’s my Number 6 pick.


What is a list without a fighting game? MvC2 was the best arcade game in the 2000s IMO. Finally, a PS2 version was released. We now had a way to be back at home hanging out once again. We were happy to not be dumping $5 to $10 anytime we had a session. The must-have for hangouts, the port is almost perfect and allows for smack-talking to be backed up by the gameplay. There is nothing like administering a 3-person 100 hit combo finisher on your best pal while reminding them why you own them. Now this game is on the heavier side and costs $17..

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