Sometimes Reality is Too Close to Fiction

I’m a fan of the movie of King of Kong and I have the pleasure of knowing many the personalities from the movie. So when I heard about this mockumentary, I had to see it. Clocking in at just under an hour, it starts out with, and often flashes back to, ’authentic’ footage from the 90s, then progresses to current day. Also, just like movies such as Ready Player One, it’s loaded with retro references, in this case the 1990s, and that adds to the fun factor of this movie.

Legendary Retro Gamer Ethan (yes he has only one name) is preparing for his 20th world championship tournament for the N64 multiplayer game GoldenEye. The story also follows Ben Beagle who is the up and coming gamer who has the opportu- nity to challenge Ethan. This is a storyline similar in nature to King of Kong’s Steve Wiebe against Billy Mitchell, complete with a tournament director dressed in a ref shirt like Walter Day.


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