If you’re looking for more gaming news on this upcoming first person shooter of ‘Dread’ for the Commodore Amiga 500 and above. Then we have just been informed through the EAB forums by Tsak. That not only does this work in progress game have 2 brand new tracks (Menus and in-game), but there’s been several exciting milestones completed through development, and new screenshots and animated gifs that have been shown for this Doom-like experience!

And here’s the latest from Tsak with inclusive links below.

1) The engine now FULLY SUPPORTS AMIGA MUSIC!!!  

We have added 2 brand new tracks (Menus and in-game) and -as expected- the game has received a massive boost in presentation, mood & atmosphere! The two new tracks were made by me and Christoffer Magdalus, who recently joined us to help with the game’s OST. On the technical side it is worth noting that Remz managed to make the complete system to run as efficiently as possible, meaning the player poses no extra burden to performance, plus the tracks are far less costly than a typical mod (reaching p61 levels)!

2) The game now features a more elaborate and expanded particle effects system (with options to increase the amount of particles on beefier setups)!

Blood now properly (and plentifully) spills from enemies and barrels produce fiery debris when exploding! Overall, these additions have made shooting targets a lot more satisfying! The system currently applies only to hitscan attacks (and has some limitations) but we plan to expand and polish it further later on.

3) And last (but not least), we finally also have the COMPLETE weapons roster (including secondary weapon attacks via RMB) FULLY IMPLEMENTED! 

Lets break this down a bit:

– The pistol now has 2 modes (you can switch between them by pressing 1): the default is the ‘unlimited’ mode which has infinite ammo but is slower and does low damage. And the ‘loaded’ mode which uses a new ammo type and has much more firepower and better speed (essentially being almost as lethal and effective now as the other weapons).

– All 4 weapons have received secondary attacks which can be triggered via RMB! These secondary attacks use the same ammo type per weapon and pack more firepower (or other strategic benefits) in exchange for faster ammo consumption. With this addition we have (in essence) doubled the options for the player, adding to the weapons roster a hand cannon, a super shotgun, a grenade launcher and a BFG!

The gif above showcases the following:

  • – Pistol unlimited
  • – Pistol, LMB shot
  • – Pistol, RMB shot (explosive round)
  • – Shotgun, LMB shot
  • – Shotgun, RMB shot (double rapid fire)
  • – Chaingun, LMB shot
  • – Chaingun, RMB shot (explosive grenade)
  • – Rocket Launcher, LMB shot
  • – Rocket Launcher, RMB shot (supercharged explosive cluster)

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