Bloody Wolf, developed by Data East and designed by Yoshiaki Honda, does for the TurboGrafx 16 what Contra does for the NES. It rocks the machine! Originally released in the Arcades (1988), Bloody Wolf, also known as Battle Rangers (Europe), made its US console debut on NEC’s Turbografx 16 (1990). This
run and gun game features game play similar to Ikari Warriors and Data East’s Heavy Barrel to name a few.

While both the Arcade and home versions of Bloody Wolf share several similarities, there are some differences. The co-op mode was removed from the home version, but an extra level that can’t be found in the arcade version was added. The home version also provides more of a back story to the game, and adds more dialogue between the player and hostages’ throughout the game. The Rosary in the arcade version was changed in the home version to a lucky rabbit’s foot instead.

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