Back in the day as a gamer, you where the coolest kid on the block if you owned an SNK Neo-Geo AES (Advanced Entertainment System) home system. Since the AES was essentially the “home version” of SNK‘s arcade hardware, the MVS (Multi Video System), and retailed for about $649.99 for the gold package, you were the talk of the town. To this day the Neo-Geo remains a very highly desirable system among classic gaming collectors and is a real show piece for one‘s collection.

There were a lot of popular titles available on the Neo-Geo platform like Samurai Showdown and Metal Slug, but like any system, there are always great games that slip through the cracks. One of SNK‘s Hidden Gems is a side scrolling platform game in the vein of Super Mario Bros. called Blue‘s Journey, also known as Raguy in Japan. It was developed by Alpha Denshi, who designed several other hits for SNK including Magician Lord and World Heroes and released into the arcades and for the home in 1991.

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