Intro: In the video game world there is always those zany games that come along that sweep us away with their charm. Clockwork Knight is one of those games. Developed and published by Sega, Clockwork Knight was released on May 11,1995 for the Sega Saturn, making it one of the system’s launch titles. It’s interesting to note that, Norihiro Nishiyama, the game’s CG artist founded Visual Entertainment in 1996 which was previously the Sonic Team movie division. Nights into Dreams was one of the biggest games that VE provided CG for.

Story: Story time. When the clock strikes midnight, Chelsea, the Clockwork Fairy Princess, awakes all the toys by the sound of her voice and once these toys come to life, it’s party time. Check this out. However, there is always a party pooper (insert Arnold clip), when a mysterious army invades the toy room, they kidnap Princess Chelsea and cast a spell on the toys turning them evil to fight alongside their army.

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