Intro: Ah yes, Rolo to the Rescue, one of the many games I
played for countless hours as a kid. I remember being drawn in
by the cutesy graphics, addicting gameplay and the catchy music. It is pure and fun 16-Bit platform gaming at its best with a depth that will challenge the most seasoned retro gamer. As I reflect on Rolo to the Rescue below, I’m left with feel good memories from my child hood as a gamer (and oh so many other games that leave me with the same feeling). Now as they say in the circus, on with the show!

With big break through titles like Madden and NBA Live, very few gamers may know that Electronic Arts published this kid’s adventure game for the Sega Genesis. Rolo was developed by Vectordean and released in 1992 the same year as other platformers hit the Genesis like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Kid Chameleon to name a few.

Story: Rolo to the Rescue exhibits some darker under tones to its story that is kind of in the vein of Water for Elephants which is a classic novel by Sara Gruen. Of course Rolo is not as extreme as Water for Elephants and when we were kids playing this game, it didn’t taint our perception of the circus in a negative light. In fact we were probably begging our parents to take us to the next Ringling Brothers Show. Anyway, I am digressing; the show must carry on ladies and gentleman, boys and girls of all ages.

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