What do you get when you combine the over head perspective of the amazing Spy Hunter, the stellar side scrolling game play of Ninja Gaiden and the killer First Person Sniper game play found in games like T2: The Arcade Game? You get the kick ass Hidden Gem, Vice: Project Doom for the Nintendo Entertainment

Vice: Project Doom was released in 1991, developed by Aicom and Published by American Sammy. In this Hidden Gem you play tough as nails Officer Quinn Hart who is partnered with Detective Reese to find a mysterious gel developed by the BEDA Corporation that allows Aliens to live and breath on the planet Earth. During the Investigation Detective Reese goes missing with out a trace and is presumed dead. Now it‟s up to Quinn to lone wolf the investigation, find the mysterious gel and take the down the people responsible for it.

You get a lot of bang for your buck with Vice since it is like having 3 games in one. Missions will have you jumping from over the head driving missions where you must dodge obstacles and destroy enemy vehicles til you reach the end of the level to Side Scrolling missions that you fight it out against the baddies using your trusty Laser Whip. Along the way you are also equipped with a .44 Magnum, that‟s right ladies and gentlemen just like Dirty Harry‟s infamous .44 magnum. Go ahead,
make my day punk! You also get hand grenades to take down baddies from a distance. Let‟s not forget the awesome First Person Shooter levels that have you sniping like Tom Berenger and picking off your enemies one by one.

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