Growing up during the fighting game craze of the early 1990s,
it was only a matter of time before I too became swept up in it. My options seemed limited because I didn’t own a home game console and was unable to pay 50 cents at the arcade for a two-minute match of Street Fighter II. All we had at home was a 386SX PC running at 33Mhz: a machine which, by most accounts, wasn’t powerful enough to tackle an action-packed game with detailed arcade graphics. Luckily, my fighting game needs were filled by an unexpected source.

On the other side of the world, a Taiwanese company named C&E Inc. had just released Super Fighter, a game heavily inspired by Street Fighter II. Passed along dial-up BBS networks, Super Fighter came all the way to Santee, California, my hometown. I’ll never forget it: the huge, detailed characters; the crisp sound and vocal effects and the beautiful backgrounds. Everything about the game was fresh and wonderful – not chopped up or downsampled like the console games my friends were playing. It was an amazing experience.

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