Video game developers across all manner of consoles and platforms are incredibly passionate about bringing to life colorful and immersive worlds onscreen. It’s a chance for gamers to fully engage with other worlds, vast and detailed landscapes that they can explore in-depth.

One such era that proves particularly popular for developers is that of Ancient Egypt. Alongside the likes of video games and slot titles inspired by Ancient Roman and Greek mythology, Egyptian-influenced games are among the most reproduced.

We’ve put together this homage to some of the most reputable Ancient Egyptian-inspired gaming content in recent years, celebrating the rich history of this north-eastern corner of Africa.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

First on the list is that of the tenth installment of the iconic Assassin’s Creed video game franchise. Origins was released in 2017 and is set in Ancient Egypt towards the end of the Ptolemaic era. This stunning open-world game sees players take control of a Medjay called Bayek of Siwa. Bayek and his wife Aya are tasked with protecting the citizens of Ptolemaic Egypt amid a period of uncertainty and upheaval as Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII battles in vain to restore a sense of control.

Origins garnered critical acclaim and much of the critique was directed not towards the gameplay itself but the impressive historical accuracy within the game’s overarching narrative. Even years later, the game is still regarded highly among gamers and developers, alike.

Civilization V

Second on the list is a hugely popular desktop game, Civilization V, which was developed by Firaxis Games. Civilization V and its preceding titles have always presented Ancient Egypt in an open-world format that can be easily traversed and explored by players.

The ultimate goal of all the Civilization games is to conquer the planet by building an almighty military power that can sweep across continents and dominate lands. It’s a fascinating game that boasts several impressive features such as a multiplayer function, a superb depiction of Ancient Egyptian culture, and several expansion packs that have been released over the years to the avid delight of fans.

Eye of Horus

Third on the list is an entry from the iGaming developers at Reel Time Gaming, who designed an Ancient Egyptian slot that’s gone on to become one of the most popular slot games in the world, both on and offline.

This five-reel online slot game contains a string of iconic symbols from ancient Egyptian culture. Whether it’s scarab beetles, Ankhs, golden fans, or the Eye of Horus itself, the latter of which can expand to fill reels when it appears, there’s plenty of paraphernalia on display.

With sites like Buzz Bingo offering competitive features such as bonus rounds and free spins on many of their classic slot games, new players ought to take advantage of attributes like the Eye of Horus free play. This mode of play allows you to spin the reels without having to commit any of your own money upfront. In addition, while the slot game is available to access via mobile without any downloads (thanks to the Buzz Bingo Instant Play feature), this is one of many slot games that are also available at physical Buzz Bingo clubs across the nation.

In the Valley of Gods

Another game of interest to avid fans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise is In the Valley of Gods, which is an adventurous first-person game that puts you into the hot seat of an unemployed archaeologist, passionate about uncovering new artifacts from ancient tombs.

In the Valley of Gods is yet to be released on Steam, but the expectations are that developers Campo Santo will pull yet another stunning release out of the bag. Fans of Campo Santo can keep abreast of developments to this upcoming game via Twitter or add it to their wishlists on Steam so that they are updated as soon as it becomes available to play.

Titan Quest

Last, but by no means least, the epic action RPG title Titan Quest is also set within the heart of Ancient Egypt. Originally released in 2006, players take control of virtual characters and embark on adventures across North Africa and into Asia along the Silk Road, surviving attacks from deadly creatures along the way. Players are required to roam Ancient Egyptian towns and cities to trade items for valuable weaponry to improve their personal protection en-route.

As this article has proved, Ancient Egypt remains a beloved theme within the world of online slots and gaming. The era remains a firm favorite for gamers and inevitably, there’ll be more released in the years to come.

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