Some say that no one is born with a soul. Some believe that one has to earn a soul. The soul is an essence deep inside, though reflected on the outside. No matter how well one draws, they are no artist until they can create images in their head that never existed before. A man can learn instruments and musical notation, but he is no musician until he can hear a song in his head that no one has heard before. When men like these see, hear, and feel the essence of what the love deep down in the core of their beings, they KNOW they have a soul.

But what does it take for a gamer? How can we look within and know what’s there? Surely joysticks and high scores alone do not give a man a soul. So what then? Can one achieve video game enlightenment? Travel to a video Valhalla? Find gamer’s salvation with a cyber-Jesus and electric-Buddha? I traveled to video game hell and back Here’s my story: – Read the rest of the article here from Classic Gamer Magazine (courtesy of Old School Gamer)!

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