When consoles became mainstream household items in the late 1980s and early 1990s, many thought that the arcade halls of old would be rendered obsolete. For a time, this was the case. But now, there’s an epic retro revolution occurring with millions of people in search of old-school gaming options.

New Jersey is one of the best places in the USA to witness the resurgence of arcade gaming, with numerous halls and spots to play classic games cropping up all over the Garden State. Even online sites targeting players in the region realise the need to tap into the nostalgic market.

Online Sites Offering Retro Classics

Online gaming sites that want to succeed in New Jersey have realised that they need to include a lot of retro content to appeal to players in the region. Netflix is a prime example of a massive company that has seen the need to go old school. It recently rolled out its Netflix Games feature for subscribers around the world, but not before beta testing it in regions of the USA like New Jersey. Attack the Culture notes how the streaming giant has eyed the state as a key place to develop its operations, with new offices in the region.

If you look through the list of Netflix games on offer, you’ll notice that the company has gone heavy on its arcade theme. Some titles are retro in their content, such as Stranger Things: 1984. The same thing is being seen in the iGaming industry, and the latest licenced New Jersey casino has numerous old-school options for players to choose from. These include games like Wheel of Fortune Ruby Riches and Blazin’ 7s Big Bonus. These businesses have witnessed the rise of retro gaming in the real world and are now looking to replicate it online.

Numerous Arcades Popping up in New Jersey

There are around 163 million gamers across the United States, with New Jersey being one of the most populated regions. It’s no surprise that there’s a great focus on gaming in the area, and it is swiftly becoming one of the best spots for people in search of old-school games to go to. Over the last few years, several great gaming locations have opened, and their popularity is leading others to follow suit.

One of the prime locations to play arcade games in New Jersey is Billy’s Midway Arcade in Hawthorne. It has more than 100 game cabinets and charges players a set price for how long they stay and play. Another good spot is Game Vault Morristown, which includes a vast number of arcade games and pinball machines. Players can hang out there with friends or even rent it out for an evening of old-school entertainment.

Retro games are becoming more abundant online, but many would argue that the beauty of them is playing alongside other people. New Jersey is one of the leading states for live settings for retro games, and it looks like the industry is set to grow further in the region over the next few years.

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