Sweden-based Play’n GO is one of the top five most popular software providers today. But when it started in 1997, it wasn’t big enough to create games independently. Instead, it created games for bigger companies.

In 2004, Play’n GO stepped beneath the wings of bigger developers to start an independent studio in Växjö. Then it opened offices to Malta, London, and Hungary as demand for its games increased.

In this article, we’ll explore why Play’n GO’s games are so famous with casino players today. We’ll also delve into why the company takes inspiration from classic games to create slots that spark nostalgia.

Simple to Play Slots

When nearly every slot provider wants to create skill-based games, Play’n GO keeps things simple. It might experiment with different themes such as its recent slot-based metal rock band Candlemass.

However, the developer’s games are designed with simple gameplay in mind. They almost always have fewer than 100 paylines. They feature 3-5 reels and accept bets as little as ten cents.

To stay up with trends, Play’n GO offers games with high-quality 3D graphics. Soundtracks are impressive, and you can also use autoplay to spin the reels of various slots hands-free. But as mentioned, the foundation of Play’n GO slots is that they’re simple to play.

Jackpots to Amplify Profits

Contrary to popular belief, jackpots aren’t a new addition to the slots industry. They’ve been around since the days of classic slots. However, they’ve increased in size and exist in two forms these days.

On the one hand, you can play random jackpots. These games are limited to one slot and do not increase in size. Winning a random pot involves triggering a specific set of symbols. With Play’n GO slots, a random jackpot can earn you up to 5000x your stake.

The second type of slot jackpots is progressive. That means they increase the more people play. These games increase by taking a slice of players’ bets with time. When someone hits a win, the jackpots revert to a smaller amount.

Gunslinger, Gift Shop, Fruit Bonanza, and Jackpot poker are Play’n GO’s most famous progressive jackpots. You can claim bonuses and play these games at the best Play’n GO casinos, according to bestcasinosites.net. But before you do, visit the site for an overview of the kind of bonuses, payouts, and the number of games to expect from each operator.

Generous Games

Although many classic slots have dated graphics, they tend to pay out decently enough. You can turn a winning streak into a series of wins, something most video slots struggle to do. With that in mind, Play’n GO’s games have higher payout rates that most classic games.

With an average payout rate of 95% or higher, you can be confident you have better chances of winning playing a new game than a classic one. Play’n GO offers more frequent payouts than most traditional games with the addition of free spins and multipliers.

In other words, Play’n GO takes a leaf from classic slots in creating games that are rewarding to players. It then takes things a notch higher to ensure your best bet of winning lies in playing in its best-rated games.

Flashy Lights, Celebratory Music

Although not a trait in all Play’n GO slots, some games are designed to help you celebrate the classic way. That means flashy lights, clinking coins, and lights that flicker continuously. You might not win a lot. But these signs help acknowledge your small wins.

The beauty of these games is that they are much more rewarding than their classic counterparts. So, even if you’re playing games inspired by classic slots, they have all the rudiments of a modern game.

For example, you can play slots through smartphones. Classic slots aren’t mobile-responsive. They also feature high payout rates, as mentioned, and plenty of in-game rewards. As such, you can use them to evoke nostalgia while also profiting from their modern features.

Crucially, dig around to find the best-rated Play’n GO slots. Although the developer strives to create high-quality games, people like some slots more than others. These are the games you want to play because they’ve been confirmed as exciting and rewarding.

Retro Style Games

Not only does Play’n GO create modern slots, but it also creates arcade-style retro games. Take Bell of Fortune as an example. Armed with three reels and bells and fruit as symbols, this is strictly an in your face classic slot.

The only hint this game wasn’t designed in the late 1990s lie in its attractive graphics. Otherwise, this game is as retro as they come. But as we mentioned, Play’n GO doesn’t create its games as replicas of old slots.

It takes inspiration from retro slots and turns them into more enjoyable games. That means it comes with free spins, a jackpot, and multipliers. A golden bell can win you up to 12x your stake. Three strawberries earn you 400x, whereas three oranges score you 1600x your bet.

  Affordable Limits

As we mentioned earlier, Play’n GO makes slots that everyone can afford. You only need ten cents to play many of the company’s slots. However, you can also up your ante to $20, $100, or up to $500 in some cases.

These limits apply to all online casinos. So, whether you visit a small, new or established casino, you’ll be allowed to bet using minimum amounts. Despite that, many experts promote maximizing wagers. The reason is to magnify potential profits. So, even if you don’t win with every spin, you walk away with something decent when you win.


Play’n GO is genuinely one of the best software providers these days. But it’s not your average slot developer. Some of the company’s games take inspiration to the kinds of slots people played in the ’90s.

They have simple graphics, produce celebratory soundtracks, and feature fruits and bells. However, Play’n GO takes the extra mile to ensure their retro-themed slots payout frequently and are as exciting to play as any modern slot.

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