It may be that modern society is enthralled with the ability to bring back the old, or just that its tried and tested, but the fact is that retro is back, and many would argue that it’s back to stay. Whether it’s clothing or music, games or old movies and television series, they’re all the rage at the moment. The biggest surge, in a business sense, has been the move towards retro graphics and online entertainment.

Retro graphics

The retro design making a comeback is really new design that uses the characteristics and trends of older designs. It takes inspiration from the old to create new styles or presents old styles in modern ways. It is not simply copying the old, but a form of mimicry and is a highly skilled craft to execute professionally.

An example of retro design in games is the surge in pixelated design that remind us of the arcade games of the 80s. While the 90s saw graphics improve and pixels become smaller, designs that intentionally pixelate the graphics have become extremely popular. Retro graphics are back and are new and are everywhere from the top online casinos found at to the latest cartoon and movie releases and clothing.

They’re all using old-school graphics with a new twist, or sometimes there is no need for the twist and retro can be presented exactly as it was ‘back then’, but with movement and digital flow from the current age. This mix has proven highly popular, and the gaming industry is a huge example of this.

Retro gaming

The retro gaming industry has seen a marked change in the last two years – the ability to mimic and reproduce games of the past like Pac Man and Mortal Combat has improved. It is an industry that is growing year on year in value and this growth looks set to continue indefinitely.

It is not surprising that many people have found a love of retro games. As we spend more time at home, many people are turning their minds to simpler times past, perhaps wanting to recapture their childhood through games. This has resulted in a surge in retro online games as many of us look to escape the daily grind.

Many of us want the option of a variety of different types of games and online gaming has adapted to this need. As the stresses of day-to-day life catch up with us, we don’t necessarily want to play games that are similar to real life. We really just want games that remind us to have fun and keep things simple.

The opportunities that this will offer up are endless and it is important for the retro industry to begin to cultivate niche careers. The Japanese games and anime sector has been best at achieving this and it is a trend likely to spread globally based on this success.

Retro has made its way back – it may not be mainstream yet, but believe you me, it’s on its way. The gaming and entertainment industry is a perfect example of this, so if you’re into retro design and entertainment, now would be the time to explore this interest.

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