Do you remember Solitaire Social, the online game made by Kosmos? It was an instant fan favorite! Since then, the team has transformed its project largely, adding new features, exciting events, and many more options that turned the game into an even more engaging social experience. The highlight of this transformation was a recent contest launched by the platform’s team. It all started as a common promo that asked players to share their stories in exchange for magic rewards and would result in the release of the Solitaire Social book on Amazon! How is that? Read on to learn the details!

What Is Solitaire Social Exactly?

For those unfamiliar with Solitaire Social, it is a platform that allows playing the good old classics online with friends, family, or other gamers. If you’re a fan of the classic card game, it might be an excellent chance to get social! With this site, you can challenge friends or even strangers from around the world in live games. Take on daily quests and tournaments for bigger rewards — or just take some time out to chat with others while playing your best round yet — and make sure to give them a friendly thumbs up afterwards if they won fair and square! In other words, it’s everything we love about traditional solitaire spiced up with some modern-day socializing.

What Is the News About Their Stories Contest?

Solitaire Social recently ran a successful contest where they asked their players to share the impact that using their platform has had on their lives. The team was completely blown away by the enthusiasm of the participants: not only did it show how much players enjoyed playing the game, but also reminded them of the positive effects it has had on people’s lives. Thus, for instance, one of the participants would share an amazing experience of her finding escape in Solitaire Social as she would spend days taking care of her seriously ill mother. Another player described an inspiring success story of his team Ukraine 2 which keeps heading Solitaire Social’s leaderboards. Its participants have been forced to relocate to different parts of the world but they have been finding support and a sense of belonging in their team play on the platform.

The stories that were shared were so powerful that Solitaire Social decided to create a special book containing some of these narratives! With the help of AI, a beautiful collection of stories was created and is soon to be released on Amazon. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to read some encouraging stories from people who have been positively impacted by a simple online game!

Where to Get the Player’s Book

Are you excited about the AI-powered player’s book by Solitaire? As was previously said, it will be soon available on Amazon. Besides, you can access it by visiting Solitaire Social’s blog (the link is at the beginning of this article). Read other players’ stories and share your own experiences on Facebook. Who knows, maybe your own story will turn out to be so exciting that it will be included in the next edition!

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