Every gamer needs to have somewhere of their own to get their playtime done, and a dedicated gaming setup can make your attempts to break your personal score or climb up the leaderboards that much easier. What many people don’t know is how much there is to think about when you consider making a truly epic gaming room.

With so many different accessories and features, you want to narrow it down to only the essentials and options that will really make this room worth the time and effort it took to put together. Here is a quick list that will help you figure out how to properly populate that new dedicated gaming space in your home.

1. Chairs and Seating

First on the list is a no-brainer, as you need something comfortable to squat on even for hours-long dungeon raids. Seating accommodations are a must for an enjoyable experience, but not just any kind of seating. Gamer chairs are a great start as they offer ergonomic advantages, or you can look for the best couch for gaming needs as well. The best gaming room has somewhere comfy to plant your butt and stay tuned into the action, so you have to invest some money into some good options here. Look for chairs with a lot of support or features like adjusting the height to give yourself some extra help for your gaming.

2. Dual Monitors

This is for those PC gamers out there who like to multi-task even while playing games. A dual-monitor set up helps you balance casual computer use, gaming, and even productivity like work. If you are a graphic artist, a dual-monitor set up also helps with displaying much more of your works in progress. Even console gamers can use dual monitors to experience more out of their gaming rooms to help them juggle numerous things at once.

3. Adjustable Desk

Another one for the PC crowd, an adjustable desk may be just what you need to make your gaming setup useful in a more flexible way. Sitting for too long has been linked to some pretty serious health issues and gaming is something that is obviously done while sitting for hours at times. An adjustable desk, otherwise known as a standing desk, lets you change up how you play every now and then to get on your feet more often. This is a little fix that will make your gaming better for your health.

4. Surround Sound

No gaming room would be complete without a serious commitment to some excellent quality souSurroundound sound is the way to make your room into a significantly more immersive gaming experience. Setting up speakers in corners to maximize the use of acoustics will help immerse you more into whatever you’re playing. The more sound you have, the better you can appreciate the complexity of how your game should really be played.

5. Light System

If you plan on spending hours in your gaming room, it needs to be a visually appealing space, not just functional. Setting up an LED lighting system can make the space incredibly appealing for you so that it doesn’t feel drab or boring. Similarly, it works really well if you want to stream your playthroughs online because viewers want to see someone with a cool setup too. Underlighting for your TV, LED lights in the ceiling, and backlit accessories will make a much more enjoyable space to be playing your games, and could be better for your eyes.

6. Mini-Fridge

If you’re a serious gamer, you know how hard it is to get in a full session without getting tired. You need to stay energized to get through your day, so you need food and drinks on hand isn’t require you to have to leave your gaming room or station. There is a super simple fix for this and that is by getting a mini-fridge to keep a steady supply of snacks or beverages on hand. These are small and portable enough to fit into just about any gaming setup without using up too much precious space. This is a great way to make your game room more well-rounded.

Building the perfect gaming setup is not hard when you know what needs to go into it to make it a truly special experience. Using these tips, you can make a truly awesome gaming room that won’t just be functionally excellent to play games in comfort, but also be incredibly stylish so it looks as cool as it feels as well.

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