There is no doubt that Ubisoft’s approach to Rainbow Six Siege is much different than other AAA titles that they’ve developed. In single-multiplayer games, it’s hard not to get bored after playing the game for a long while. However, Rainbow Six Siege is one of the very few games that you won’t have any difficulty playing for years. The learning curve of the game may be a bit unforgiving, which is why many people focus on leveling up as fast as possible. In this article, we’ll be presenting you with a few tips that should help you level up fast in Rainbow Six Siege.

Get Used to the Mechanics

It’s very important to be aware of how familiar you are with the mechanics of the game and the pace of the matches. No matter how fast you level up, the true cap is the experience you gained from playing matches; that’s what usually matters. While there isn’t an offline campaign that you can sharpen your claws in, there is a game mode called Situations that allows you to practice against bots.

Situations mode is not a campaign, but it allows you to engage without connecting to the internet, which gives you a lot of time to practice the mechanics of the game. Keep in mind that the Situations mode is not as updated as multiplayer maps, which means that you’ll find a few differences here and there, especially related to the pace and map types. The best thing about it is that finishing the entire Situations mode with 3 stars nets you a good amount of renown, which gives you a good head start once you start playing in multiplayer modes.

Multiplayer Matches

If you want to enjoy some action while still racking up experience, unranked multiplayer matches are the way to go. Even though completing any match rewards you with experience and points on your Battle Pass earnings, unranked and ranked matches reward you with the most experience.

It’s important to know that winning each match isn’t always feasible, but the good news is that completing matches to the end rewards you with Battle Points, regardless of the outcome. If you want to capitalize on points you earn by winning matches, you might want to use some Rainbow Six Siege esp. cheats to shift the outcome in your favor. Winning increases the battle points gained by 20, and each completed round can get you another 60 points in objective-based maps, which is a pretty good combo to level up quickly.

Battle Pass Challenges

Ubisoft has introduced a fast-tracked way to prove your worth in Rainbow Six Siege, known as Battle Pass Challenges. Each challenge provides you with points once you successfully complete it. Some challenges may be a bit too easy for experienced players, while some are quite demanding and hardcore. Upon completing the milestones required, you’ll get 850 battle points, which will definitely speed up the leveling up process.

The 4 challenges offered in the Tour De Force Battle Pass are inflicting 30,000 damage on enemies, killing 5 players through breakable surfaces, killing 50 players by secondary weapons, and using a suppressed weapon to kill 70 players. Hopefully, there are more personal challenges to come, in addition to community challenges that reward all players once they receive a certain weekly goal.

Terrorists Hunt

Terrorist Hunts is a pretty practical and useful way to start racking up levels and experience in Rainbow Six Siege. Unlike Situations, Terrorists Hunts mode is a multiplayer mode that allows you to play with other people on customized levels of difficulty. This ensures that you aren’t thrown in into a highly advanced match that only ends up frustrating you. It should be the first multiplayer mode you play to get familiar with playing with other people and to improve your teamwork.

Fast-Tracking Tiers

Even though it can remove a bit of the fun and competitive challenge Rainbow Six Siege offers, fast-tracking is one of the fastest ways to cut through the tiers and rank up. Ubisoft offers its players the ability to skip through tiers by using credits. If you have the Year 5 Battle Pass, skipping levels is cheaper, giving you a pretty good head start. It’s still recommended to play as much as you can to keep your skills sharpened.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the very few and rare games that can keep you coming back, even after playing it for thousands of hours. Sometimes, getting a good start early on can be difficult in the competitive world of multiplayer games, but as long as you adhere to the tips mentioned above, you shouldn’t have much difficulty climbing up the ranks in very little time with Rainbow Six Siege esp Cheats.

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