Hyperkin, a video game hardware development company from Los Angeles, has announced it will be releasing the SmartBoy through the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program (SMAPP) to the U.S. and Korean market. Originally a development kit in late 2016, the SmartBoy attaches to Android smartphones, such as the
Samsung Galaxy S8, turning your smartphone into a handheld gaming device. Hyperkin is
aiming for a Q2 or Q3 release with an MSRP of $49.99.
The SmartBoy is compatible with actual NTSC/PAL Game Boy and Game Boy Color
cartridges, while sporting a classic-style tactile button set, making the SmartBoy look and feel
like a real handheld gaming console. The SmartBoy is compatible with other apps and games,
including Game Boy Advance apps from Google Play; configuration for such apps may vary.
Out of the box, the SmartBoy was designed for current-gen Samsung devices with USB Type-C
ports, like the Samsung Galaxy S8 – other Android device compatibility may vary. Hyperkin
Product Developer, Chris Gallizzi, was ecstatic to learn his team’s baby is now a retail-ready
device officially licensed by Samsung.
”The SmartBoy has been about two years in the making – three if you count the months we were
kicking around the idea,” Gallizzi said. “From an April Fool’s Joke, to a successful dev kit, and
now an officially licensed device, that little guy has come a long way!”

• Compatible with NTSC/PAL cartridges
• Plays GB and GBC cartridges
• Classic-style tactile button set
• Designed for current-gen Samsung devices
• Phone Size: 5.2 – 6 inches
• Upscales to phone’s resolution
• USB Type-C port• Does not require batteries

About Hyperkin

Hyperkin is a gaming hardware development company, specializing in consoles and accessories
for multiple generations of gamers. Hyperkin’s products also provide solutions for a wide array
of home entertainment, leading the way in the retro and modern entertainment industry with

unique and innovative ideas. Hyperkin’s product line includes the X91, an officially Xbox-
licensed retro-style controller for the Xbox One; and the SupaBoy S, a portable console for Super

Nintendo and Super Famicom cartridges. Founded in 2006, Hyperkin’s headquarters is located in
Los Angeles, Calif.
SMAPP (Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program) enhances Samsung Mobile’s
accessory portfolio by working with highly qualified industry experts approved by Samsung
Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in telecommunication, digital media, digital convergence
technology and semiconductor. SMAPP addresses customers’ increasing needs for value-added
accessories for Samsung Mobile’s cutting-edge technology; delivering innovation, value and high
customer satisfaction through its partners’ expertise, design and premium portfolio. SMAPP
accessories are presented with a licensed “Designed for Samsung Mobile” logo on the package,
signifying it was designed to connect to Samsung mobile devices, and has been certified to meet
Samsung performance standards.



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