Hello all, if my inbox is going to be filled with hate mail, here it comes. I hate shoot em ups (smups) games. I mean I can’t stand planning them at all. I see them in an arcade, plunk in a quarter or two, and then get bored with them. For some reason whenever I bring this up with other classic gamers they look at me oddly and are just confused as to why. Well consider this a formal reasoning as to why I cannot stand them.

First is the concept of them, you are in a ship flying shooting random crap coming out and attacking you for no reason what so ever. Anyone ever heard of story? I know back in the day story was something that was not perfected at this point, but would have it killed them if they were to include a text box stating that the earth
was at war with an enemy and you are the red baron sent in to take them out, is it that hard to include that? Just something simple so I have motivation to kill these bastards.

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