This is a fun little pinball game for the iiRcade. Panic Road was produced by Seibu Kaihatsu in 1986.

The controls are pretty basic.  The A button controls the left flipper and B button controls the right flipper. If you hit the X button, it gives the machines a little nudge to help the ball along.

There’s roaming, destructible enemies in place of stationary bumpers and there’s multiple tables. There are goals for each table to progress to the next table. The first table’s goal is to collect the numbers 1-2-3 that are in a row about midway up the table. You need to figure out the goals as it does not tell you before hand.

A pinball game with multiple flippers and a vertically scrolling game. The play-field is an outdoor forest area, the sides of the pinball machine are tree stumps, the bumpers are walking mushrooms, etc. This game was very popular in Japan and plays very nice on the iiRcade for anyone who was able to send in a video to customer support and get the code.

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