As many of you are aware by now Matthew Kiehl is not only bringing the classic game of Prince of Persia to the Intellivision, but also as we’ve mentioned previously Mega Man 2. Well if you’ve been following our posts and remember us also featuring IntelliVania; which is Castlevania built from the ground up for the Intellivision by the same creator Matthew Kiehl. You’ll be overjoyed to know, that as of just recently after appearing as a boxed edition some time ago, you now purchase the digital download of the game at the link below.

Old footage, it looks even better now!

Yes indeed this famous game which has spawned many sequels, rom hacks and other bits of gaming nostalgia released all the way back in 1986 on the NES, has now got its very own unofficial Intellivision version from Matthew Kiehl. A digital download release that I’m sure many Intellivision owners will be talking about for years to come. So what are waiting for? Head on over to the link below and check it out.

Links :1) Source  – Thanks for the heads up liqmatrix

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