Intellivision Entertainment President Tommy Tallarico to Keynote the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in Portland, OR

IRVINE, CA, September 10, 2018 – Intellivision® Entertainment is proud to announce that it will be
revealing extensive details about its upcoming new family home video game console at the Portland Retro
Gaming Expo on Saturday, October 20th. Intellivision president and industry veteran Tommy Tallarico
headlines the show as the keynote address for the largest retro video game convention in the world.
Information to be revealed includes the name, logo and branding of the new console, the hardware specs
(including the revolutionary new controller), launch date, price point, online capabilities, new & unique
approach to doing business in the game industry, games available at launch, partners, publishers, game
licenses, marketing strategy, developer relationships and game funding, technical specifications for game
developer tools, the team and advisors behind Intellivision Entertainment, special guests, game industry
supporters and backers… and much more… including a FIRST LOOK at what the new console and
controllers will look like (3D renders only).
Intellivision Entertainment will also be sponsoring an exclusive Blue Sky Rangers panel consisting of never
before heard original Intellivision past management as well as programmers and artists to discuss the
revolutionary products and video game industry “firsts” they pioneered. Six of the biggest and brightest
stars of the early 80’s era of Intellivision will be together again for the first time. Aside from the keynote
address, Mr. Tallarico will also be presenting a separate talk explaining retro game audio creation from the
80’s & 90’s. All three of the Intellivision talks will be streamed LIVE and archived on the Intellivision
Entertainment social media pages and website. The first 2,000 convention attendees and the first 500
keynote address attendees will receive an exclusive special limited edition Intellivision lanyard.
Intellivision Entertainment is bringing the concepts of SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE, FAMILY & FUN back into
homes across the world with the introduction of their brand new home video game console. The original
Intellivision system generated many “firsts” in the video game industry including the first 16-bit gaming
machine, the first gaming console to offer digital distribution, the first to bring speech/voice to games, the
first to license professional sports leagues and organizations and the first to create and utilize a directional
pad (D-Pad) for game controls. Originally released in 1979, due to its popularity it was remarkably retailed
across 3 decades and quickly sold millions of units. The new Intellivision system will carry on the company
tradition of “firsts” with its new concept, design and approach to gaming.

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