There are many companies that are coming out with their own version of the reboot of games and game systems.  Next on the list is no exception for the 16 bit generation and the Super Nintendo.  Introducing the Super Nt.


A reimagining of perhaps the greatest video game system of all time. Engineered with an FPGA. No emulation. 1080p. Zero lag. Total accuracy. The Super Nt is not a plug n’ play toy. It is the definitive way to explore Nintendo’s 16-bit era. Compatible with the 2,200+ SNES and Super Famicom game cartridge library. Explore and re-live one of the greatest video game systems of all time with no compromises.


1080p with Zero Lag

16bit in 1080p is stunning. Every pixel is razor sharp, producing an astounding level of clarity. You’ll experience video quality so extraordinary – it’s like playing SNES for the first time.

Play SNES Wirelessly

You can finally play SNES wirelessly and lag-free with 8Bitdo’s high quality retro SN30 controller. We partnered up with 8Bitdo to offer matching controllers for the Super Nt, including a RR at discounted price. This means you can even use wireless next gen controllers on your Super Nt, too.

Reference Quality Control

The Super Nt is a reference quality video game system with reference quality control. Featuring aspect ratio preservation, multiple video resolutions, scanlines, scalers and more.

High Fidelity Sound

The SNES is home to some of the most iconic music in video game history. Music this significant should be experienced in High Fidelity. The Super Nt outputs the highest quality digital audio: 48KHz 16 bit stereo. 16 bit music has never sounded better.

Unparalleled compatibility

The Super Nt uses an original-style cartridge slot and controller ports. This means it is compatible with the original SNES and Super Famicom game cartridges plus the original hardware and accessories. All the way from the Super Gameboy to Mario Paint.


We designed and manufactured the Super Nt with the utmost attention to detail. Engineered with an uncompromising attitude to quality.

We’re preserving history with FPGA hardware

The Super Nt has the same unparalleled compatibility as the Nt mini. The core functionality of the system is engineered directly into an Altera Cyclone V, a sophisticated FPGA. We spent thousands of hours engineering the system via FPGA for absolute accuracy. Unlike the knock off and emulation systems that riddle the market today, you’ll be experiencing the 16-bit era free of compromises. The Super Nt is designed to preserve video game history, with the respect it deserves.


Super Turrican – Director’s Cut

What if one of the greatest run’n’gun games of all time was never released in its original developed form? In 1993, Factor 5 finished developing the complete Super Turrican for SNES, a 6Mbit title. Unfortunately the game had to be cut down by 33% to 4Mbits. 24 Years later, Super Turrican: Directors Cut is here – on the Super Nt. We’re thrilled to preserve this piece of Super Nintendo history and include Super Turrican – Directors Cut digitally on each system. As a bonus, we’ve also included the original Super Turrican 2.


  • – SNES cartridges, Super Famicom cartridges
  • – Region Free
  • – Worldwide Compatibility [PSU: 100-240v, 50-60hz]


  • – HDMI 1080p/720p/480p
  • – NTSC & PAL Support
  • – Lag free, zero signal degradation


  • – 48KHz 16 bit
  • – Digital audio via HDMI

Special Features

  • – Original-style SNES/SFC Controller Ports
  • – SD card firmware updating [via Super Nt SD card slot]

Other Features

  • – Scanline options
  • – Scaler options
  • – Horizontal position adjust
  • – Horizontal stretch
  • – Vertical position stretch
  • – & more


Product Information

Super Nt Dimensions

  • – 132.5mm length
  • – 166.5mm wide
  • – 41.4mm high

Whats in the box

  • – Analogue Super Nt
  • – Super Turrican – Director’s Cut (digital)
  • – Super Turrican 2 (digital)
  • – STDC Original SNES-style box art
  • – HDMI cable
  • – USB cable
  • – Worldwide USB Power Supply [100-240v, 50/60hz, USA/JPN plug-type]


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