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The epic story of Yuko Ahso from ordinary school girl to the Warrior of Valis saving Earth and the Dreamland from the invading hordes from the Dark World graced the SEGA Genesis®/Mega Drive over 30 years ago.  Those looking to own all three titles, can look forward to receiving an additional master slipcase to store all three titles as well as a special acrylic stand displaying Cham, Valna, and Yuko.



Each one of these releases is carefully chosen by our team. That feeling of slotting in a physical cartridge and powering on the console is a powerful feeling for retro gamers.  Extra steps were taken to translate parts of Syd of Valis that were originally left in Japanese (such as the Game Over screen and end credits) as well as re-enabled the Music Test for Valis III.
The preservation of titles like these is a cornerstone of what drives Retro-Bit Publishing.  Within each game box, homage is paid to each regional release of these titles with the reversible cover art, totally redone manuals, beautiful art cards, and a sleek slipcover for those that purchase all three titles.  A gorgeous piece to add to your collection all fairly priced without needing to empty out your wallet.





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