Hercules is one of the greatest and best-known heroes of all mythology, and tales of the legendary warrior have inspired popular culture for centuries. The Labors of Hercules have been well documented over the years, and some of the grueling were deemed impossible until he managed to overcome them.

Hercules’s adventures would translate perfectly to modern open world game, and it could be epic if players had the chance to control the warrior. One of the earliest video games was Hercules for the Commodore 64, and it would be interesting to see a contemporary remake of this for today’s generation of consoles.

Hercules Dates Back to 1984 in Video Games

Hercules has played the starring role in numerous video games over the years, and it all dates to the original Hercules title from game designer Steve Bak in 1984. The title developed by Interdisc, Alpha Omega, and The Power House was available for a variety of early consoles. It was a platform title with simple graphics in which players had to jump between platforms to complete tasks.

Fans of old-school gaming will remember Hercules well, as at the time it was an excellent adaptation of an age-old story. Consoles nowadays have much greater capabilities, however, and it would be interesting to see how detailed a retelling on today’s machines would be. It could still pay homage to the original, with a few retro features interspersed between state-of-the-art gameplay.

The Hero is Still Prevalent in Popular Culture

There is a strong argument to suggest that a Hercules game would be a smash hit for modern audiences. The hero has never really left the gaming industry since that first appearance, and there have been various other games in the decades since. However, it’s been a while since a console developer has taken a deep dive into the hero’s twelve labors.

If you explore other areas of popular culture, Hercules is almost ever-present, with titles for players to choose from on a range of platforms. Mobile is one of the best places to look, with offerings like The Legend of Hercules, and 12 Labors of Hercules for players to enjoy. In the slots market there are plenty of titles as well. For instance, at Buzz Casino there are three Hercules games – Hercules & Pegasus, Hercules: Son of Zeus, and Hercules High & Mighty. Players can use a casino welcome bonus when they join the site, such as the 200 bonus spins for new players.

There’s no doubt that the scale of video games has gone up a fair few notches since the release of the first Hercules game. Today’s console titles take players on epic journeys and allow them to become characters in different worlds. There are surely millions of players out there who would love to play as a character as epic as Hercules. After all, God of War is one of the most successful series of all time.

Hercules famously traveled far and wide to complete his 12 deadly labors, and this would lend itself perfectly to an open world title. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey took players on a similar adventure around ancient Greece, and this title was incredibly well received. Therefore, a new Hercules game would most likely be a hit.

There is a strong argument to suggest that a new Hercules game for today’s consoles is long overdue. It could be made to appease both old-school and newer gamers by harking back to the original while also including contemporary gameplay mechanics. With the prevalence of the character throughout popular culture, a new title would doubtlessly be a commercial success.

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