Old School Runescape is one of the oldest MMORPGs that didn’t lose its fan base over time. It stood the test of time with its rich content and features. While it was only available for browsers earlier, now you can play it on your mobile devices. For the fans of multiplayer RPGs, is it worth starting playing old school Runescape?

On the off chance that you haven’t played it yet, the game is set up in a medieval fantasy realm where multiple players interact through trading, chatting, and mini-games. Several fun elements like magical spells, combats, customizable avatars, etc make the game addictive and truly satisfying to the players.

Is it worth playing old school Runescape again?

The game has so much content that you can play it for years and still not explore everything. Every mini-game in OSRS is an entire adventure on its own. The world within this game is so vast and comprehensive that multiplayer RPG fans would love exploring it again.

The developers have spent a decade refining it based on gamers’ feedback and adding more features. Another good news is that if you have played it before, you can start it from where you had left, even if that was over a decade ago. The game has different modes with varying difficulty levels to appeal to different types of gamers.

Plenty of opportunities for player interactions

The game has got an impressive community. In April 2020, the game reportedly had an average of around hundred thousand active players. If you have never played it before, the old school run escape is unbeatable in the MMORPG genre. It has everything that you can hope for in this genre and more!

You can fight other players, work together, have discussions with them, chop trees to collect woods, and fight alongside or against each other in the mini-games. You will always find several other players to interact with. The game has improved a lot over the years and thus has a very loyal fan base.

Runescape experience on mobile

If you have played Runescape on the browser before, it is definitely worth playing the Runescape app version on your smartphone. It works cross-platform so you can switch between mobile and desktop and continue with the same character.

The player experiences the game much like on the desktop but with the benefit of the mobile’s touchscreen and the comfort of playing it anywhere they like.

How to progress in the game

The game offers various opportunities to progress. You can indulge in combat, develop as many as 23 skills, and complete quests to gain rewards like money, items, and gain access to new areas.

You will, however, require OSRS gold to improve in the game or to unlock some fun elements like organizing drop parties or getting new items. With OSRS gold you can level up faster in the game. Besides purchasing bond from the official website, you can find cheaper options from other shops or platforms listed on the GameZod website.

While certain skills like mining, cooking, woodcutting only require small investments, member skills as well as some other skills like crafting, construction, herblore, require millions of OSRS gold. Raising skills take time, but you can easily speed-up in the game and buy OSRS gold.

Is the game worth your time?

If you are a gamer and if the MMO genre piques your interest, OSRS is not the game to miss. Once you dive into the gap, you are not going to hit the bottom anytime soon. There are so many elements in the game to interact with and to grow your character. You can level up in the game without being glued to the screen all the time.

The game also offers real-world trading opportunities. You can buy items in the game at a cheaper rate and sell for higher. Your hard work in the game could pay off in the real world! So, is it worth starting playing old school Runescape again? Hell yes!

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