If there is one thing that people love about Apex Legends, it’s the weapon variety. There are so many guns to pick from with each one having a unique touch to it. From snipers to SMGs, to Shotguns, to LMGs, from Energy, Light, Heavy, Shotgun. A very diverse pool to choose your weapon from. But according to ProClockers, there are some arguments that a weapon now, is a bit too strong.

Some Seasons ago, people were arguing that the Wingman was too good, so Respawn Entertainment nerfed it quite a lot. Then it was the Havoc that seemed to be a bit too strong, which led to it being nerfed by increasing its recoil. For this season our contender for a character to be nerfed is… (drumroll) the Hemlok.

Of course, if you know how to read, you already knew that from the title.

The Hemlok Burst AR

You can feel when a Hemlok is shooting at you even if you don’t hear or see the enemy. In small shots of 3, your entire HP pool goes from 200 to zero in a matter of seconds. The body shot damage per bullet is 20 with a 1.75x multiplier for headshots (35), which means that realistically, in 3 bursts, you can kill an enemy with level 3 armor (200 total HP). The DPS it can output is 214. You are dead in less than a second.

The other aspect of this weapon that we have to mention is its recoil. What makes the Hemlok such a strong option in the game (preferred by many players in professional matches), is how stable it is. The recoil for this weapon is almost none existent, especially if you have a level 4 stabilizer. Even the newest players of the game are preferring the Hemlok because it is so easy to use.

On top of that Hemlok gives you the option to change its fire mode from Burst Fire to Single Fire. When you are on the Single Fire mode, the recoil is even less than with the Burst Fire mode, so you can easily use it for long-distance picking. While on the Single Fire mode, it has the second-fastest single-shot rate of fire in the entire game (6.4 per second).

Just remember to change it if you are going in for some closer range fights.

Is the Hemlok from Apex Legends Overpowered?

The short answer is yes.

We believe that the Hemlok is dealing too much damage to the stability it offers. If you combine that with the ability to deal amazing damage from both medium and long-distance range, you get a weapon that feels a little bit too powerful. Maybe a slight nerf at the damage of this weapon, or to the recoil it has, would make it a more balanced weapon.

Probably it is going to happen with the release of the new Apex Legends Season! Looking forward to that.


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