In Classic Gamer Magazine Vol. 1, Issue #6, five classic games were compared to their modern day, upgraded remakes. The classics won in decisive fashion, 4 to 1. The only remake in the list that bested its progenitor was the PlayStation version of Q*bert, which takes the basic concept of the arcade original and expands it admirably without sacrificing a lick in terms of gameplay or fun factor. We now offer five more classic vs. remake comparisons to determine if the old favorites can be outmatched through new technology.

While the Atari 5200 is often derided for its loosey-goosey, non-centering joysticks, the system offered up an incredibly faithful reproduction of Robotron: 2084, one of the best and most intense shooters from the early ’80s. Included in the package was a special dual controller holder that allowed gamers to recreate the twin joystick control of the arcade original. Robotron X does not offer any special control techniques (unless you happen to think a control pad is special), but it is a decent (though less harrowing) little game. Instead of viewing the action from above, this version puts you 3D-style on the floor of each room. This setup works relatively well and adds a new spin on a favorite classic.

Classic: A+ Modern: C+

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