Confession time: when it comes from the 1990s to the present, my history with computer games is spotty at best. Sure, I’ve played DOOM and some of the other major releases, and I even taught myself to type with Mario Teaches Typing (it was much more effective than my high school typing class), but I’m definitely a console gamer through-and-through. By and large, I prefer the simplicity, immediacy, and “plug-and-play” vibe of the console experience over computer games.

In addition to console gaming, one of my other big hobbies is following the rock band KISS. Not only did I grow up loving their music and plastering their photos all over my walls, I wrote a book about the band called Encyclopedia of KISS: Music, Personnel, Events and Related Subjects (2016, McFarland Publishers). Unfortunately, there aren’t many KISS video games. Almost none, in fact. There was the dreadful, unlicensed pinball sim for the PlayStation called KISS Pinball, and you can play various KISS songs on Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

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