On Saturday August 23,2017 the Galloping Ghost Arcade hosted it’s annual Mortal Kombat convention called the Kombat Kon! The event originated as Shang Tsungs Fight Night but after five years grew from being held at the arcade to a bigger venues. Now in its seventh year, this year event drew it biggest number of attendants to date and was held at the Holiday Inn in Countryside! This year’s event was very special as it commemorated the 25th anniversary of Mortal Kombat being released in the arcade! VIP were announced and sold out quickly.

Kombat Kon featured the majority of the original actors and developers from the original arcade games. The event is a reunion for many of the actors that knew each other even before the iconic video games were filmed. While some of the actors use the arcade as a home base for meeting with fans, it was the first time for some of the actors (Liz Malecki Sonya & Chris Alexander (Johnny Cage) to appear since the early 90s. One of the biggest treats for the fans was seeing several of the actors (Daniel Pesina – Sub Zero, Rich Divizio – Kano, Tony Marquez – Kung Lao, & Phillip Ahn – Shang Tsung) put on their costumes for photo ops! –


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