Right from the word go, we were one of the first gaming websites to give you the heads up about TIGERSKUNK’s amazing Shoot ’em up of Inviyya; a game with amazing scrolling graphics, super action, great sound effects, and a real hark back to days of R-Type or Project-X. Well time has passed since its release, as this week the same developer has now announced a new demo to his upcoming fighting game that is coming to the Amiga called ‘Krogharr’; a new OCS action slasher which was teased some time ago with just a few screenshots.

Here’s what the website says about the game. “The evil Chieftain Pilsator stole the beer from Krogharr’s home village, and now Krogharr is on a holy mission to retrieve what was taken, and bestow revenge upon the hordes of enemies Pilsator sends across his way. In development game for the Commodore Amiga, should work on each model with 512k Chip plus 512k extra RAM from A1000 upwards. Targeted release date is end of April”.

Links :1) Demo/Website

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