It seems that there are still people who are as enthusiastic as we are! Passionate about consoles and old gaming technology. A very small studio specialized in developing Game Boy games are creating a new game for this 2020 – Where is my body?.

After visiting their website (, we have seen that it is not the first game they release, being active since 2018. For this new game boy game they have presented a campaign on Kickstarter to reach the funds that cover the development of the game. The goal is pretty modest, and it seems that they can hit the target very soon (they’ve passed 60% of the target in less than 24 hours). You can take a look here:

Talking about the game, looks like a old-fashioned 90’s adventure similar to Maniac Mansion, a must-play game remembered by all of us. The main character is a disembodied hand. Yes, strange as it may seem, the hand must find it’s body and solve the mystery behind all this situation. It can be considered as an original idea for the game concept in Gameboy.

You can take a look at the Video Demo :

These types of projects keep the legacy of the first consoles alive.


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