Videogames have had a fair share of controversy whilst they have gained popularity but with 46 million units of Microsoft Xbox One being sold in just 2018 alone, there is no sign of this slowing down. With a number of educational benefits also associated with multiple different games, there has begun a seamless integration between the classroom and the world of gaming to keep students minds stimulated and create a fun and interesting learning environment. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of these benefits and how they are working to create healthy learning environments.

Encourages Teamwork

Videogames have been around for a few generations and have had a very controversial reception. Not only have games been linked to repetitive strain injury, but it has also received bad press with the recent diagnosis of gaming disorder by the World Health Organisation in 2018. In addition to this there are a few educational benefits that are often overlooked as a result. One of the biggest is the encouragement to work as a team. When used within a classroom environment, this can encourage the class to work together to complete several tasks. This will not only help to boost the number of positive interactions within the classroom, but it also helps the information to stick much easier.

Stress Relief

As our lifestyles get busier at, it can be difficult to deal with the stress. With many people struggling with the stress of work-family life, turning to gaming can be a surprisingly good way of relieving stress. In small amounts, this is great for the brain as this allows time for rest and relaxation, whilst still keeping the mind stimulated in the right ways. Unconventional stimuli, like card games can actually teach teens skills of quick thinking and strategy, and although many associate games like blackjack or poker with gambling, knowing the basics can help the mind relax and de-stress while still keeping it on its toes.

Creates Learning Without Boundaries

For many, learning can create obstacles, particularly for those in the class with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. By using games such as Minecraft to teach the more difficult subjects such as physics you can learn about the mining as well as the process of smelting making it fun. This is perfect as it creates learning without boundaries of both demographic and learning ability. A prime example of this is the Nintendo Labo programme.

This is bringing the ability of the Nintendo switch and there versatile Labo creations to the classroom allowing them to make, create and learn all whilst using some of the best technology on the platform. This comes with the recent partnership with the Institute of play allowing children to think creatively and work to build their problem-solving skill as a result of using this technology. This is perfect for a classroom as this is encouraging children of young ages to interact and work together to complete a simple task.


With the likes of Super Mario Landon the Gameboy colour paving the way for single player games that boost stimulation and create a new way of thinking, there have since been a number of other adaptations and brand new console games that help to stimulate the mind and help with reflexes making this highly beneficial for a classroom environment. Although it is not always possible to have specially built computers to run this style of software there are in fact several ways that you can integrate gaming into your classroom routine with the likes of simple web browser games.

However, you decide to integrate this technology within your teaching schedule, there are a number of benefits from this brand-new way of thinking. Whether this is with a brand-new computer to run the latest version of Minecraft or a small number of laptops to run a Kahoot, this will help to keep our classes engaging and fun for everyone.

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